Our inaugural feature is dedicated to Doug Anderson of Mott Community College in Flint. He recently won the dunking portion of Michigan’s Slam Dunk Championship and 3-Point Shootout at the Palace of Auburn Hills. While this came as no surprise to myself, it did turn some heads around the state. Doug’s game has been improving, and this year he led his team in scoring, received freshman of the year honors, and landed a spot on SportsCenter’s Top 10. <This may have been a run of the mill dunk, but you don’t break the rim if you’re not worthy.

Before he landed a spot on SportsCenter, Doug Anderson was an 8th Grader at Hillside Middle School playing basketball for the first time. I played for West Middle, and we had games against Hillside twice a year. The first time I saw Doug was in pre-game warm ups. In lay-up lines he’d get up as high as he could and drop the ball in without dunking. Most of the kids on my team, including myself, were just starting to get rim or a little above. Needless to say, we were in awe. Late in the game after we were down by 30 points or so, one of their guards got on a fast break. I was on the other end of the floor and caught Doug running down out of the corner of my eye. The guard threw an oop and Doug lifted off to send it home. Before I could get off the ground, his waistband was in my face. I was lucky that night, he threw the ball off the back of the rim.

Since then I’ve watched him play a few times. In high school at Kalamazoo Central, he became somewhat of a local legend. Admired for his athleticism, yet equally criticized for his “lack of game”. Doug’s disadvantage was that he was so good at dunking, he never had to develop other skills to score. Against some of the best competition in the state he could dunk 8 times or more in a game. There is no doubt that he is improving at Mott CC, but whether or not he will land at a major college program is hard to say. I wouldn’t bet against it, but we’ll see how it plays out after next season. One thing is for sure, he’ll put people in the stands wherever he goes.

Here are some video’s for your enjoyment, posted by yours truly : )

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