I was excited for the Indiana State meet. Wednesday of that week was one of my most consistent practices all season, and I wanted to improve my pr. We arrived in Terre Haute late Thursday night, the discus competition would be held around 2:00 p.m. the next day.

We drove to the track around noon on Friday and parked behind the discus ring. The ring was in worse condition than the surrounding sidewalks but I had a new pair of throwing shoes, so it was all good. I actually liked the set up, maybe it was because the ring wasn’t so far behind the net and it felt more like high school. Also, there was a nice wind coming from the right on account of an approaching storm.

Warming up felt great, I was ready to throw over 50 meters for the first time in a meet. I let my first throw go and watched it approach the 50 meter line before I turned to stay in the ring. I’m almost certain that it was my furthest throw that day, but the official called a toe foul. While I didn’t believe this to be true, one of my teammates confirmed it. I was angry. I had been so jacked up to throw over 50m that I was trying too hard. My next throw came out awkwardly and landed around 45 meters. This was a good competition and I wanted 6 throws, but I wouldn’t get to the next round on a 45 meter shank.

After some…um…words of encouragement from Coach Newell, I cared less about hitting 50m and more about making finals. My last throw was 49m and change, and I improved to 49.55 in the finals. It was a good day to throw, I pr’d again, but left feeling like I let a golden opportunity slip away. Fortunately, there are a number of meets remaining on the schedule, and a lot of time left to improve.

Also, congrats to Ashley Lawrence on a great weekend. She took second in the disc, and threw shot over 50 feet for the first time with a toss of 15.29 meters.